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Our Packages

Daytime Activates
shooting range Shooting Range
quads Quad biking in wolf forest
KGB Prison tour
Stock-car Stock-car racing
windsurfing Windsurfing (Parnu)
Islands yacht tour (Parnu)
Water rafting
Other day time activities:
  • - Submarine/Seaplane Museum trip
  • - X-treme indoor Aqua Park survival rides
  • - Virtual Skydiving in simulator
  • - Spy days/Survival Limitation day
  • - Arm-wrestling training
  • - Medieval torture museum tour
  • - F3/Rally day trip (Parnu)
  • - Bore hunting (Parnu Season only)
  • - Tour of Tori horse breeding farm (Parnu)


Nighttime delights
windsurfing Limo tour with ZOO girls
Mud-wrestling with hotties
Live stripper show
Live solo/lesbian sex shows
windsurfing Bavarian theme experience
Casino x-treme tour
Beer and distillery making tour
Please Note: Option to book your own flights available